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Sleek and Stylish Reimagined Stairlift


Flow X is a barrier-free staircase design with a smooth finish.

Modern Accessible Stairlifts

London-based design studio Pearson Lloyd designed a modern and stylish stairlift called "Flow X" for a refreshing change. The stairlift is designed by Access BDD, a transportation expert in the elevator department of the technology company TK. It draws inspiration from furniture design rather than the medical field, so the stairlift looks stylish and modern.

The studio considered several overlooked factors, including improving ergonomics to make it more comfortable and adding foldable arms for easier entry and exit.

The Flow X chair designed by Pearson Lloyd's team is intuitive and simple. Compared with the standard bulky white stairlift, it has a more stylish and elegant design. It has a rotating spine to ensure that the backrest and footrest always rotate together so that the user will not twist their body. It has a folding mechanism to save space when not in use; a motorized arm helps keep the user's center of gravity in place. Adjustable overhead arms also allow people of different sizes to sit comfortably in chairs. Compared to traditional stairlifts, Flow X's smooth curves are intended to suit 20th-century furniture designs.

The Flow X has been compared to high-quality radios or car interiors rather than medical equipment. The current price of the Flow X Chair is approximately US$7,600. (Via)

Modern Accessible Stairlifts




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