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IKEA-Inspired Sustainable Small Vehicle

Höga sustainable vehicle takes inspiration from IKEA and Renault.

Eco Self-Assembly Vehicles

Designed by Ryan Schlotthauer, a design student, Höga uses IKEA's award-winning production, packaging, and practical concepts to provide users with a powerful and comfortable riding experience. This is intertwined with Renault's advanced travel platform, creating a sustainable mode of transportation for urban commuters.

The car body recycles it into other products during its life cycle, thereby minimizing waste. The design of this environmentally friendly practical car is inspired by the classic Bauhaus architectural style, which is a simple and practical design principle.

The car is shipped out of reusable crates to reduce transportation costs, and once they reach the destination, these containers will be reused to return damaged furniture. Just like IKEA, because of its simple Lego-like connectable frame elements and perfectly symmetrical design, Höga can be assembled in an hour. A total of 374 parts and 114 individual parts can be combined to create Höga.

The vehicle’s skateboard platform is equipped with four individually movable wheels that can be moved in any direction to operate in a narrow space. Höga's A-frame design leaves a gap between the roll cage bar and the body panel, so priority is given to the safety of this small vehicle.

Höga's interior height can be customized to create more space for suitcases or even small bicycles or strollers used for transportation. When the windshield is fully opened, passengers can enter from the front, and the rear can also be fully opened to load more oversized luggage.

At the time of purchase, customers can try to test different internal configurations to suit their needs and tastes, which makes Höga an irresistible choice.

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Eco Self-Assembly Vehicles


Eco Self-Assembly Vehicles

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