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Live Fish Carrying Portable Aquarium

The Katsugyo is a conceptual aquarium for carrying live fish.

live fish carrying cases

The Katsugyo (meaning live fish in Japanese) bag is designed in Japan to carry live fish so that you can bring them home you caught or the one you bought in the market. The cutting-edge suitcase works similarly to a portable aquarium. Before use, it can live in the tank for a limited time.

Freshness is the key in the food economy and the design of the Katsugyo bag allows users to control when and where the fish is finally eaten, thereby improving freshness.

The prototype of the suitcase provides options for setting oxygen and temperature levels to fully monitor the experience after purchase. The Katsugyo bag can hold multiple small fish or a larger one. Since the Katsugyo Bag is still in the testing phase, the prototype may change as the designer moves towards the product release. (Via)

live fish carrying cases

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