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Animatronic Tail

The Tail Company's miTail conveys different emotions and feelings.

Animatronic Tail Accessory

The Tail Company's  Kickstarter campaign for its latest animated accessory miTail aims to provide users with a way to integrate unexpected accessories into their daily wardrobes.

The animatronic tail works by being attached to the back of the user's pants, and thanks to advanced technology, it can start working as a real animal tail. You can manually control the tail, or set it to sway, curl or even wave to convey many different emotions and feelings to the people around you.

The miTail has a removable protective cover, so you can choose from a variety of covers or even make your own. The battery-operated animatronic tail can wag, curl and wave for up to 5 hours per charge. With its USB-C charging port, you can use the mobile power bank to charge it anytime, anywhere.

The Bluetooth-controlled lightweight wearable tail can be operated by an app called Crumpet on Android and iPhone. Crumpet can not only call 11 built-in actions but also perform various cool things.

The animatronic tail has also a phone-less mode, and users can simply wear it without using the app.

Pledge at least £145 (approximately $200) on Kickstarter to get a miTail with a cover of your choice.

Animatronic Tail Accessory


Animatronic Tail Accessory

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