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Coral Restoration System

NEMO aims to help rebuild healthy coral reef ecosystems.

coral restoration system

Climate change is affecting coral reefs. Driven by an unprecedented global heatwave, the pan-tropical bleaching incident has changed the competitive environment for coral reef management and policies. It is estimated that if we do not take action, 90% of coral reefs will disappear by 2050. Coral reefs provide support for 25% of all marine species on the planet. Rebuilding a healthy coral reef ecosystem has become a key part of environmental restoration. Mario Kapsalis and Elias Thaddaeus Pfuner proposed the concept of the coral restoration system NEMO, which has a four-stage service system that can help coral restoration agencies speed up the current coral restoration process.

The NEMO Coral Restoration System provides the equipment needed to restore large areas of coral reefs more effectively and sustainably. The system provides a digital platform where scientists can accurately study and monitor coral reefs. It has also a special box that supports the transfer of corals from the nursery to the plantation.

The NEMO box can adjust the saltwater temperature and pH value, creating an ideal environment for the survival of young corals during their journey.

There is a collaborative drone that can be used for two purposes: to monitor 3D scanning and mapping of coral reefs, and enter these data into the global coral reef database; the second purpose is to bring up to 100 corals to the planting site. The NEMO system only requires two to three people to complete the task, instead of hiring ten or more people. (via)

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coral restoration system


coral restoration system

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