Pollution Reducing Wind-Powered Street Light

Papilio aims to reduce light pollution by utilizing green energy.

Pollution-Reducing Street Lamps

Tobias Trübenbacher, a Berlin design student, has developed a lamp post with an integrated wind turbine that generates its own renewable energy and only lights up when needed. Papilio aims to reduce light pollution and emissions related to street lighting and reduce its impact on humans, animals, and the environment. The motion activation design uses wind to power the turbine.

Papilio can be installed on the wall or set as a freestanding lantern. Ideally, the light should be placed 3 to 6 meters above the ground. This is the place where the ground wind is strongest, and turquoise can harness the wind.

The wind-powered street light has a built-in turbine with four aerodynamic rotor blades made of folded metal plates. The rotor can take advantage of the complex airflow in the urban environment,  such as natural airflow, wind tunnels created by high-rise buildings, and small airstreams caused by passing cars. The wind's kinetic energy is then converted into mechanical power by the turbine before being converted into electricity by an integrated 300-watt generator and stored in a rechargeable battery.

Papilio is fully self-sufficient and does not require expensive underground power infrastructure to operate. Alternatively, the lights can be connected to the local power grid and the excess energy can be transferred to the city.

Papilio is equipped with an infrared motion sensor, which turns on the light when someone passes by to reduce the impact of light pollution on humans and animals. Papilio's complete cutting head is angled straight to the ground and does not emit any light upwards, while the lamp itself has an ultra-warm, insect-friendly color temperature of 2800 Kelvin. (Via)

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Pollution-Reducing Street Lamps


Pollution-Reducing Street Lamps



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