Lightweight Gaming Peripheral

Light²180 is designed to easily meet the needs of avid gamers.

lightweight gaming mouse

Sharkoon has launched a new gaming mouse with a price of $40 in the form of the Light²180 gaming mouse, which is the latest member of the Light 2 series.

The Light²180 is one of the lightest mice in the world, weighing only 63 grams, so it is particularly easy to use. The bottom of the gaming mouse is equipped with 100% PTFE feet, which can easily slide on almost all surfaces. This, in conjunction with the lightweight structure, makes it a flexible peripheral device that is as simple as possible to move.

The powerful PixArt PMW3360 sensor has a performance of up to 12,000 DPI, enabling particularly precise manipulation. In addition, due to its symmetrical design and honeycomb top cover, the mouse always has a good grip and easy operation. The DPI setting can be adjusted and set to seven different levels. Using the DPI switch of Light²180, you can choose according to your needs at any time.

It only takes a few simple steps to replace the top cover of the shell with a closed cover to ensure that the inside of the mouse is better protected from external influences such as dust.

Light2180's symmetrical form is enhanced by subtle RGB illumination. The vivid red at the mouse's end serves as a color accent, and the glowing Sharkoon emblem can be seen through the honeycomb structure of the mouse's upper shell. A variety of lighting settings can be made through software so that the appearance can be modified according to personal preferences.

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The six programmable buttons on the Light²180 can be reassigned using the software as needed. Durable Omron switches for the left and right mouse buttons help improve the durability of the Light²180. They have a service life of at least 20 million clicks, making them ideal for countless matches and ensuring that you can enjoy Light²180 for a long time.

lightweight gaming mouse


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