Wooden Camping Trailer for Cats

Jaejin Lee's The Wood Caravan is comfortable for pets.

wooden camping trailer for cats

Korean designer Jaejin Lee has designed a camping trailer that allows you to travel with furry friends. The wooden teardrop trailer is specially designed for cats and is also very suitable for small dogs. The Wood Caravan for the cat is made of wood, flat-packed, and can be assembled on site.

The comfortable cat caravan is a stationary unit and it is structured with wooden side panels, joints, struts, and tires. The Wood Caravan has cutout side panels for the door and windows to make it easier for cats to enter and exit and also to maintain proper ventilation of the cat house. The cat caravan has an impressive roof design, like a real teardrop trailer, that opens in the back.

The internal space of the trailer is large enough to accommodate cats. Your furry friend can take a nap on the cushion or just enjoy the outside world there. This "cat camper" is still just an idea, and it is not clear if the designer has any intention to make it a reality. (Via)

wooden camping trailer for cats


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