Sustainable Underground Refrigerator

 The Groundfridge Refrigerator is a lightweight and naturally cooled modern cellar.

Sustainable Underground Refrigerator

The basic theory behind food preservation is to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in food, but this can be done in many different ways.

Cellars or root cellars are one of several ways to prevent food from freezing in winter and keep food cool in summer to prevent spoilage.

Groundfridge is a modern cellar that can store your vegetables, fruits, cheese, and even wine all year round.

Groundfridge takes advantage of the natural insulation of the ground and the cooler night temperature to maintain a balance to keep your food fresh.

The underground refrigerator is equipped with a ventilating fan with a timer to supplement cold air at night. In the hottest summer, an additional cooler can be used to power an additional cooler.

You can easily transport Groundfridge anytime, anywhere, and place it without a license or permit.

The underground refrigerator can be a sustainable alternative in family housing societies trying to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

sustainable underground refrigerator

sustainable underground refrigerator

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