Vaccine-Inspired Outfit

Brendan McCann's extravagant dress inspires people to get vaccinated.

vaccine apparel

Since many Americans across the country finally have the opportunity to be vaccinated, many people take this opportunity to celebrate in luxurious vaccine dresses. A notable example is Brendan McCann, who designed a science-themed Met Gala dress and matched it with a "Fauci" bag.

McCann designed a dress based on the world around him. He created a science-inspired ensemble to pay tribute to pandemic and vaccine promotion.

McCann used items he had in his parents’ home to make clothes, although he also bought some items from the dollar store. He made a vaccination card dress with a band-aid corset.

This dress is made of poster boards and decorated like McCann's hand-painted vaccine cards.

He drew craft foam to make band-aid corsets, and the band-aid is fastened to a halter strap made of McCann's shower curtain lining.

He made the syringe headpiece by covering the styrofoam with a plastic table cover. He dazzled the plastic to make it look more like an actual syringe, and the retractable back scraper bought from the dollar store served as his needle.

A Fendi style wallet was made from the leftover fabric and it was written with Fauci, to honor Dr. Fauci.

He filled the bag with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and paid tribute to the fast-food brands' free doughnut promotion for the vaccinated.

McCann posted two photos on Twitter at the Met Gala, which went viral with more than 43,000 likes. (Via)

vaccine apparel

Photo credit: Insider

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