Bronze and Silver Sculpted Prehistoric Insects

Dr. Allan Drummond's silver and bronze insect replicas are amazing.

Bronze-Sculpted Prehistoric Insects

Dr. Allan Drummond is dedicated to the intersection of art, design, and science. His works are metal replicas of big-eyed spiders, ants, and other winged insects. He researches in the Department of Medicine and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the University of Chicago and focuses on the anatomical elements of prehistoric creatures that are lost in the fossil record, including underbellies.

Every creature starts with a digital rendering created in Blender, which is a part of 3D printing. With the assistance of his current jewelry designer in Chicago, Drummond casts replicas in bronze or silver, then assembles and completes the metal parts. This produces detailed replicas of real insects, whether life-sized or enlarged.

These modern and prehistoric insect sculptures are exhibited at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle until July 3. (Via)

Bronze-Sculpted Prehistoric Insects


Bronze-Sculpted Prehistoric Insects


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