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Goal-Oriented Smartphone Connected Coffee Machine

The Bluprint coffee machine is designed to take care of you throughout the day.

Bluprint coffee maker


Blueprint is a new coffee machine with an integrated smartphone application that doubles as a social media self-realization source for your goals, tasks, and achievements.

The smartphone connection system brings new meaning to the connection between coffee, energy, and productivity. It is geared towards setting daily micro-goals, such as running, meditating for five minutes, or reading a chapter of a book.

With Bluprint’s proprietary app, you can program the coffee machine from your smartphone, but be sure that water is filled and the coffee is pre-ground and ready and you can also set and track your "Daily Micro Goals" and then share them with Bluprint's support community to encourage and maintain a sense of responsibility, or to find inspiration for new goals.

The smart goal-oriented coffee maker can brew with water at approximately 200-201 °F to ensure that the ground coffee has full flavor and strength potential. It has a brewing pause smart technology that can pause the brewing when you pour a cup for yourself.

Bluprint is just 14 inches tall and fits under most kitchen cabinets.

Blueprint gives importance to happiness and motivation rather than the functionality, that comes from a great coffee as part of your daily routine. (Via)

Bluprint coffee maker



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