Colorful Hand Training Devices

Chili Fingers are a set of playful hand training devices.

Chili Fingers hand training devices
Chili Fingers hand training devices

The "Chili Finger" hand training equipment designed by Joshua Wright is a series of interesting exercise equipment that will provide users with an easy and effective way to increase hand and finger strength. The hand training equipment provides a set of three resistance devices designed to encourage anyone. The three intensity levels include green (easy), orange (medium), and red (hard).

Users can stretch and squeeze it to train their fingers and hand muscles. The Chili Finger is also a kind of rehabilitation therapy equipment. The hand training device is made of durable silicone and is specially designed for climbers to help them warm up and prepare for climbing, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Users, especially climbers, can get a useful guide written by Joshua on how to warm up safely and reduce the risk of injury during climbing. (Via)

hand training devices

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