October 18, 2021

Home-Friendly Cold Therapy Machine

Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Machine is very suitable for treating pain.

Cold Therapy Relief Machine

According to BMJ, the main purpose of cold therapy is to remove heat from the injured area by conduction to facilitate a therapeutic effect. Cold therapy also significantly improves pain threshold and pain tolerance by reducing nerve conduction velocity and muscle spasm.

The Ossur Cold Rush treatment machine is a solution for athletes and the elderly, which can perform rehabilitation procedures for a series of physical problems. Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Machine can help reduce joint pain and inflammation in the body. It is equipped with an ergonomic cushion to suit your body contour and it can be used on the legs, arms, back, or any other places where it is needed.

The system works by filling up with ice cubes and then starting to provide cold therapy to the target area of ​​the body where pain and/or inflammation occur. The brushless motor in the Ossur Cold Rush treatment machine has a low noise function and can provide up to 6 hours of cold treatment. The built-in handle on the top of the device allows you to move around the house easily. (Via)

Cold Therapy Relief Machine


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