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Community-Based Gardening Pod

Enrich Group's public gardening pods are designed to establish multi-generational relationships.

public horticultural pod

Gardening can promote many physical and mental health benefits, including increased physical activity, relaxation, and access to fresh food. Community gardening brings people closer together and The Enrich Group, a team of designers at Virginia Tech, created its own community greenhouse to help build relationships and bridge the generation gap in the community.

The greenhouse community aims to combine physical activity and mental relaxation with an environment that fosters multi-generational relationships between people from different generations. The concept of the project was put forward after a year of social isolation. Enrich Group believes that age is just a number, and it will not change everyone's desire to establish connections and build meaningful relationships in their own communities.

The interior design of the greenhouse is similar to that of a traditional meeting space, with an island or table in the center, which contains the main communal herb of the garden. Community gardeners can cultivate the hanging plant fixtures and the main public herb garden around the central table. The gardening space around the pod is also equipped with health monitors for each plant, a sliding storage box with open handles for easy access, and a general workspace. (Via)

public horticultural pod


public horticultural pod

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