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Recycled Plastic Waste Fishing Boat

Scotch & Soda and Plastic Whale launch fishing boats made of recycled plastic waste.

Recycled Plastic Boats

Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda has launched a boat to celebrate its long-term partnership with Plastic Whale for World Environment Day. The boat is made from recycled plastic waste collected from the city's main canals and is named 'The Free Spirit of Amsterdam'.

Plastic Whale has a fleet of boats made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles they collect from the canal. The construction of each boat takes up to three months and is made of more than 5,000 PET bottles. PET is completely recyclable and can be converted into valuable raw materials. The PET bottles are first cleaned and then processed into particles and fibers to make foam boards for use in boats.

'The Free Spirit of Amsterdam' is a tribute to the prospect of Amsterdam's liberalism, which inspires the brand's power to support personality, authenticity, and self-expression. This recycled boat uses Scotch & Soda's brand colors (tan, charcoal, and cloud white), and the deck is made of approximately 900 black plastic bottle caps.

The rims of the boat are made of Platowood, FSC, and OLB certified wood. It measures 5.5 x 2.2 meters and weighs 1,000 kg. It is powered by an electric motor and can carry up to 8 people.

Scotch & Soda customers can book their own fishing trips on the boat from June 12th and continue every other Saturday throughout the summer. These trips will begin on Saturday, June 19, and can be booked on www.scotch-soda.com.


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