Futuristic Amphibious Vehicle

The Stratosfera is based on the automotive and watercraft concept.

futuristic amphibious vehicle

Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini designed an amphibious vehicle that can fly and move on water and land. The amphibious vehicle is called Stratosfera, a futuristic vehicle centered on the automotive and watercraft concept to deliver a thrilling ride.

According to the designer the Stratosfera has watercraft and flight modes. In watercraft mode, this futuristic vehicle is called Stratosfera Aquatica, and it has a spherical design with a diameter of 1.65 meters. The sphere is made of ultra-light carbon fiber material.

The center of gravity in water mode is very low because the battery is installed at the lower end of the extendable foil setting. This helps the structure to work like a gyroscope, keeping the sphere pod stable through a self-balancing system, so that it can travel smoothly on the way to the destination.

In the flight mode, Stratosfera Volatile adapts to the characteristics of a quadcopter and can be set to solar flight mode at an eVTOL flight speed of 250 km/h.

The amphibious vehicle is also propelled forward at 30 knots by twin 150 hp electric jet engines.

Jet Capsule company plans to launch Stratosfera as an open-source project by the middle of 2022, which will help future mobility. (Via)

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