Mussel-Inspired Family Home Design

The Shell House is a modern family recreation center.

shell house

The "Shell House" is a mussel-inspired home designed to provide residents with ample space while also providing a wonderful outline that can be admired from the outside. Designed by K&B Partners, an architectural and interior design company based in Odesa,  is planned to be built on the seaside in Kobrovo, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine. The unique house design is inspired by mollusks and mussels that are common in the area.

Shell House can be regarded as a multi-family house in an area. The home is designed for small families of two and large families of four or more. The main idea here is to design a modern family recreation center because it is close to the sea. This unusual shape will stand out from the crowd because it mimics the shell of a bivalve mollusk, and the two shells are connected by a hinge.

Mainly made of wood, the unusual shape of the structure does not sacrifice internal space or style. The Shell House project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023. (Via)

The Shell House


The Shell House

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