Homemade Supercar Replica

Văn Đạo's wooden replica of Lamborgini Sian is amazing.

wooden replica of Lamborghini

Văn Đạo made this miniature replica of Sian Roadster for his son and painstakingly documented the whole process on his YouTube channel ND Woodworking Art.

The homemade supercar is equipped with automatic scissor doors, working LED headlights + taillights, rotating rearview mirrors, a wooden steering wheel, and even a key fob that allows you to control all aspects of the car.

Văn Đạo’s replica runs on an electric powertrain and everything is created and assembled from scratch, including the steering fork, rear-wheel drive, and even the wheels.  The homemade supercar is almost entirely made of wooden blocks, which have been glued together and polished to a fine surface.

Văn Đạo adds the headlights and taillights and the Lamborghini emblem on the front and a fake license plate on the rear. The Sian branding can also be found on the car's rear fins. The doors are operated by pistons controlled by a remote key fob and there are also adjustable side-view mirrors.

In the past, Văn Đạo has also successfully produced child-sized wooden replicas of BMW 328 Hommage, Ferrari Aperta, and Bugatti Centodieci. (images from Yankodesign)

wooden replica of Lamborghini


wooden replica of Lamborghini

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