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Outdoor Workout Companion Drone

The Nike Air Buddy drone is the perfect future companion for outdoor exercises.

Nike Air Buddy drone

Compared with individual exercise, group exercise has some psychological advantages and many beneficial effects. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and several restrictions imposed on public places, these rules are hard for those who love to exercise outdoors or in groups. AirBuddy Drone is a conceptual design study of NIKE, designed for users who want to exercise outdoors and a perfect companion for workouts.

Designed by Cheolhee Lee, AirBuddy Drone has four rotors and a compact body. It is equipped with a camera that can monitor your every move. It also has a light strip, not only for aesthetics but also to help illuminate the user's field of vision. The modular design allows you to easily replace any damaged parts. The customizable feature allows you to design colors to mix and match with your workout clothing.

You can carry the drone anywhere using the shoulder strap located on the base and users can deploy it anywhere. Because the drone connects to your Nike Fitness app, it will spot you while you are exercising, it will track your activity, and analyze all the data to provide detailed information on your achievements to encourage you to achieve your goals. (Via)

Nike Air Buddy drone


Nike Air Buddy drone

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