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High Performance Electric Motorcycle

DC 100 has a self-balancing capability and the ability to follow you around.

Electric Motorcycle

Beijing-based Da Vinci Dynamics has released a truly outstanding electric motorcycle with many futuristic features, including self-balancing capability.

The new electric motorcycle DC100, which the company calls a high-performance "future café racer", not only has an impressive 350 km cruising range but also has the ability to follow you around, and can maintain stability and balance without the need for human intervention.

The Davinci DC100 brings together many features, which undoubtedly makes it interesting. For instance, the motorcycle can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, with a maximum peak torque of 627 pound-feet, and an extraordinary cruising range of 400 kilometers.

The charging is compatible with a class 3 DC fast charger, which can charge the DC100 in around 30 minutes, or a portable charger using a standard home plug.

According to Da Vinci Dynamics, the bike’s smart control system seamlessly integrates multiple different motors and it has a peak power of 137-horsepower running through a hub motor. The DC100 has a brake lever, which is connected to the brake system that integrates ABS, CBS, and TCS.

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The Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) system offers maximum security to DC100. When the brake lever is released, the HAC system can move the bicycle forward and apply high torque at low speeds to ensure a smooth takeoff. When riding downhill, the DC100 will adjust its speed to optimize balance and energy recovery.

EPS (presumably electronic power steering) and a six-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit) allow the bike's self-balancing ability.

The remote control function, automatic riding, and target recognition enable the electric motorcycle to follow the target automatically. The futuristic electric motorcycle also provides technology-based convenience in the form of a companion app that allows to fully access the bike's performance information. (Via)

Electric Motorcycle

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