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All-In-One Door Proofing Solution

The World's Only All-In-One Door Proofing Solution to ensure the safety of your children and pets.

All-In-One Door Proofing Solution

DOORWING is the only door-proofing solution in the world that is portable, multifunctional, fully adjustable, and can be installed in seconds. The proofing system does not need any permanent adhesives, drills, and any other tools. DOORWING is designed to leave your doors perfectly damage-free and worry-free.

The innovative solution has many useful features that make it very unique. It is equipped with a bumper that prevents the door from fully closing. The safety solution is also equipped to lock any internal space, keeping your children and pets away from restricted areas. DOORWING can also adjust the size of the door opening so that cats can pass through easily while keeping children and dogs out of the door.

The all-in-one proofing system can be conveniently folded away when not in use allowing for full door closure without removing it each time.

DOORWING is small and light and can fit in any carry-on bag.

The long-lasting DOORWING is mainly made of recycled white ABS plastic. The packaging is made entirely of cardboard and includes recyclable internal inserts.

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All-In-One Door Proofing Solution


All-In-One Door Proofing Solution


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