Easy-to-Clean Silicone Straws are Zippable

Uncommon Good's silicone straws are alternative to plastic straws.

Zippable Silicone Straws

Uncommon Goods has introduced a non-metallic, non-plastic straw substitute to consumers as an attempt to end the disposable plastic straw industry. Silicone straws are now available for purchase through Uncommon Goods' online store. This sustainable alternative reduces marine pollution by reducing the number of disposable plastic straws in circulation.

In addition to its sustainable characteristics, the silicone straw can also be unzipped to reveal the inside. This allows users to easily clean the straws without worrying about missing hidden places.

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When slight pressure is applied to its side, the straw will quickly open the zipper. It reverts to its straw form with a quick pinch. The straw comes in six bright colors and is made of BPA-free platinum-grade silicone.

Zippable Silicone Straws

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