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5 Cool Furniture Design Ideas to keep your Cats Active

Some cool furniture design ideas for furry friends to make them happy.

furniture design ideas for cats

Cats are very curious animals, it is very difficult to find suitable furniture to keep them entertained and active in an interactive way. There are hundreds of types of furniture to choose from, but the goal should be to make your cat scratch without damaging furniture, carpets, or other objects, and provide them with spaces to exercise, play, and relax.

Here is a list of five amazing feline-friendly furniture design ideas that will keep your furry friend safe and happy. (image)

   The Piupaw 'Co-Living' cat tower

cat furniture design ideas

The Piupaw'Co-Living' cat tower is a modern piece of furniture with three floors for cats to rest, and the central pillar is covered with materials, suitable for cats to climb on. The tall design of the pet furniture means that it incorporates more functions in a smaller footprint, making it ideal for small and medium-sized urban apartments. The Piupaw'Co-Living' cat tower is equipped with a full-length mirror and coat rack, making it a truly versatile addition to modern living spaces.


The 'CatYou in a Circle' Furniture 

furniture design ideas for cats

The "CatYou in a Circle" furniture set is a delightful decoration option for pet owners, allowing them to maintain a seat in the living space while also creating a separate lounge area for their furry companions. Designed by Jack Dogson, the furniture is made of wicker material; it can be used as a place to relax in the living room; the hollow form of the backrest and armrests allows the cat to jump over. The furniture set has an adjustable design, allowing customers to modify the size to match any size of the living area.

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Bien Bien Cat Tree

furniture design ideas for cats

Bien Bien Cat Tree is a modular furniture solution that provides independent leisure and relaxation areas for cat owners to keep their furry companions happy all day. The furniture can be adjusted to fit different parts of the house, making it ideal for use in corners or almost any other place. It contains multiple platforms and play spaces, allowing one or more cats to have their own dedicated area instead of relying on existing furniture.

The Zulo Mx cat tower

furniture design ideas for cats

The Zulo Mx Cat Tower is a collection of high-quality furniture solutions for cat owners. The tower is constructed of wood and steel. There are two and three levels available, which are appropriate for both pets and owners. The multifunctional design of the shelf can provide a resting place for cats and a place to store books and even small decorations. The Zulo Mx Cat Tower does not come cheap. The prices of the two-level and three-level units are US$4,500 and US$5,700, respectively.

The CatScapes Cat Shelves

furniture design ideas for cats

CatScapes is a series of furniture designed specifically for pet owners, allowing them to create a dedicated play area for their feline companions. This shelf is known for its easy-to-install design and flexible aesthetic and can be installed on almost any wall. There are three kits for the shelf to choose from, including standard kits, standard plus kits, and deluxe kits, priced at $499, $699, and $999, respectively. CatScapes cat racks are made of heavy-duty materials and can be repositioned to create a constantly changing environment for cats to explore indoors.

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Conclusion: There are many different types of cat furniture, made of various materials, and buying cat furniture can be very confusing. Before buying you may consider: which material is better? what design and size are ideal for your cat? which style does your cat-like? The safety and well-being of your feline family members should be the most important factor in choosing cat furniture.



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