Discreet Security Camera

HD Mask security camera allows you to monitor from your phone.

security camera

HD Mask is simply the best USB camera available, with the best lens, the best WiFi chip, and the best materials.

Users can install several cameras at home or around the office to safeguard the surroundings and watch everything from their mobile phones. This provides you the monitoring capabilities of expensive CCTV systems without the need for invasive or conspicuous cameras.

A powerful HD 1080P security camera is concealed within the USB mobile phone charger and its camouflage design will not draw any notice. You may also charge your phone and other gadgets while filming.

The HD Mask is incredibly simple to use; simply plug it into any outlet and it will connect to your device effortlessly. When someone enters the room, you have the option of recording instantly, looping constantly, or using motion detection. You may broadcast live remotely at any time, even at night.

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HD Mask has powerful military-grade functions, but its appearance and functions are the same as your standard USB mobile phone charger.

HD Mask may be a small device, but its wide-angle view ensures that you can see everything around you.

The discreet camera is the best security camera available on the market and is designed to keep your belongings safe all the time.

security camera

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