Fire Extinguishing Drone

The HEXA drone concept helps extinguish forest fires, especially at night.

The HEXA Drone is designed to assist firefighters in putting out forest fires. It is a concept fire extinguishing UAV that assists fire-fighting helicopters. The bottom of the HEXA UAV is curved, and there is a 360-degree rotating camera in the center. The operator can direct HEXA to fly to an exact fire location and assess the spread and intensity of the fire from the air.

Junsik Oh, the HEXA's inventor, said that the upper section of the HEXA is intended to contain the liquid in a heat-resistant metal shell, and the liquid can be easily removed by just using the top handle.

The six fans are intended to increase HEXA's stability and performance. It has powerful magnetic applications on its six sides, allowing you to connect several drones to assist prevent fire spread, particularly at night.

Most forest fires in South Korea occur at night, making it nearly difficult to extinguish the fire promptly, and piloting a fire-fighting helicopter at night is extremely risky. This intelligent drone offers a solution to this issue. The drone may be flown remotely from the ground, and even at night, the operator can easily locate the source of the fire. (Via)

HEXA drone


HEXA drone

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