September 16, 2021

Lazy Afternoon Artisan Keycaps

ELF’s artisan keycaps are very cute items that can complement your keyboard.

handmade keycaps

ELF’s Lazy Afternoon handcrafted keycaps feature all of the relaxing elements. It’s a fluffy cat (or red panda) holding a tiny item in its paws at the front.

The front and center depict a fluffy cat (or red panda) holding a tiny item between its paws. Depending on the color scheme, the handmade objects may be a delicacy, a cherished toy, or a soothing charm.

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A soft pillow surrounds the cute relaxing creatures and their trinkets, providing a comfy bed and a base for the keycap. Lazy Afternoon artisan keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. There are six styles to choose from to complement any keyboard. (Via)

Lazy Afternoon artisan keycap

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