Life-Sized Super Mario Lego Sculpture

The Life-sized Super Mario Lego sculpture is perfect for aficionados.

life-sized super mario lego sculpture

Bricker Builds' unofficial life-sized Mario lego sculpture has taken Super Mario Lego to new heights. Even though these creations have not been officially acknowledged by Nintendo, Bricker Builds has created two life-size Pokemon statue instruction sets that take 1,907 to 2,483 Lego bricks to complete.

This 2-foot-tall Mario sculpture is composed of over 5,000 Lego pieces and will cost $899 to build. If you have a big collection of Lego bricks in Mario color, you can recreate this masterpiece for just $65 with the help of the instruction booklet.

Each structure produced by the company starts with a 3D model generated by the artist, and then uses its proprietary "brick software" to convert it into an accurate life-size brick model. They then employ specialized components and construction techniques to make the model seem as similar to the character as possible, before eventually creating step-by-step building instructions in their own Bricklink Studio.

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According to the Bricker Builds website, any life-size Mario Lego order through the company will be fulfilled by Canada First Bricks, which is "the largest and most trusted 3rd brick supplier in North America." The life-sized Mario lego sculpture was specially designed by Dave Holder, a member of the Lego royal family, whose Lego models have been featured in Legoland Melbourne and Lego Masters TV shows. (Via)

life-sized supera mario lego sculpture

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