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Limited Edition Modern Rocking Horses

nok.nok Café Racer & Knight rocking horses are visually appealing.

modern rocking horses

nok.nok Café Racer & Knight by NextOfKin is a modern rocking horse inspired by classic cafe racers and vintage scooters. They don't appear like toys; rather, they resemble sculptures that may be used to complement your modern décor.

The slender body adopts smooth curved lines, which is visually attractive, even adults like to ride it. This is a modern interpretation of the classic wooden rocking horses.

This rocking horse series is the second-generation Rockin' Moto, and its C-frame body design can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg. This is a limited edition series because there is only one piece for each material and color combination.

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nok.nok is a company focused on creating collections with a strong sense of play, these collections are derived from our memories as children and adults. The company's objective is to produce only items that people enjoy, and each product is meticulously designed and constructed using high-quality materials. (Via)

modern rocking horses


modern rocking horses


modern rocking horses

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