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Sustainable Plant-Based Sneakers

MoEa's sustainable sneakers are made from fruit and plant waste.

Sneakers made from Fruits and Plants

Most sneakers are mainly made of plastic and/or plastic-like materials and their production is carbon-intensive. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that a typical pair of running shoes would produce approximately 13.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Sneakers must be durable than ordinary shoes and synthetic materials are more durable than natural materials and are hard to recycle. Big industry players and some smaller brands are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in different ways, whether through manufacturing processes or material innovations. MoEa is a French brand committed to bringing sustainable fashion to people without compromising style.

MoEa has designed sneakers that are made entirely from plants and recycled materials. Their sustainable next-generation sneakers are recyclable, animal-free, and vegan approved by PETA.

These sneakers are made from five different plants and are available in two colors. They are designed to be the ultimate fashionable unisex sneakers, suitable for dressing up or down for any occasion.

From the waste of the Italian wine industry, grapes are recycled into GRAPE SKIN. Apple waste is recycled into APPLE SKIN from the waste of juice industry in Italy. CORN leather is achieved from non-edible American corn. CACTUS leather is derived from the Mexican desert and the waste of pineapple leaves from the Philippines is recycled into PINEAPPLE SKIN.

MoEa sneakers are as robust and durable as leather and soles are made from recycled and natural rubber.

The sneakers are handmade by skilled shoemakers in Porto, Portugal, using 100% renewable energy and a chromium-free production process.

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You can pledge the project on Kickbooster.

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Sneakers made from Fruits and Plants


Sneakers made from Fruits and Plants


Sneakers made from Fruits and Plants


Sneakers made from Fruits and Plants


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