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3D Printed Personalized Daily Pills

Multiply Labs 3D printed medication will bring the ease of use of personal medication.

3d printed daily pills

With the advent of additive manufacturing, Multiply Labs is committed to providing more unique personalized therapies and health treatments. They are now able to 3D print customized capsules by combining pharmaceutical technology with robotics expertise. Their capsules provide all the medications patients need throughout the day.

In an interview given to 3dnatives by the co-founder, Fred Parietti states that Multiply Lab has developed and now produces 3D printed capsules that are programmed to release pharmaceutical ingredients in a controlled manner. It is not any capsule, there are independent compartments of different thicknesses inside. Each compartment contains different supplements or products, which can be released at different times. Up to 4 or compartments can be added within the same capsule.

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The 3D printed capsule is made of a very special pharmaceutical polymer called hydroxypropyl cellulose, or HPC, which is a water-soluble polymer that can be taken without any harm and dissolves naturally in the human body.

The advantage of 3D technology allows testing different compartments for different medications, while additive manufacturing provides the freedom of rapid testing.

3d printed daily pills

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