August 1, 2021

Futuristic Pet Ambulance

PET-AMB is a pet ambulance specially designed to raise awareness of animal protection.

urban pet ambulance

PET-AMB is an ambulance designed for pets, specifically for dogs or cats, and it works with animal protection services or veterinary clinics.

When pet owners need immediate medical attention for their pets, or when animal lovers rescue injured animals on the street, they may simply call an ambulance. After receiving the rescue notice, the nearest PET-AMB will be deployed. The small design of this ambulance helps users pass traffic quickly.

PET-AMB connects various networks, including animal protection departments, animal rescue organizations, and animal hospitals to help disseminate public information faster, especially in animal rescue.

The pet ambulance has a telescopic cabin mechanism, which means that the cabin space is expandable. The ambulance is equipped with smart devices, and all information about the animals will be transmitted to the driver in real-time.

The driver wears an AR smart helmet and displays the navigation route through augmented reality. If the animal’s vital signs are abnormal, a warning will pop up to remind the driver.

The PET-AMB is designed by Shu-Qing Ou, Wei-Chi Chen, Ying-Cih Shao, and Ching-Hsin Hsu to provide on-site medical emergencies.

urban pet ambulance


urban pet ambulance


urban pet ambulance


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