3D Printed Needle Cover

The 3D-printed needle cover will help children overcome the fear of vaccination.

3d printed needle cover

To make the entire vaccination process less daunting, designer James Dickson designed a fun needle cover specifically for children to overcome their fears.

Children are fascinated by simple and interesting shapes, such as airplanes or butterflies. The medical practitioner may then proceed with the immunization by simply sliding the cover over the needle.

James Dickson's 3D printed needle cover can be used not only during a pandemic but in the future, if necessary, it can also be used to administer medication through needles.

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Such an innovative and playful needle cover may make life easier for many children who are hospitalized and have to stay for a while.

According to the designer, the needle cover is not the final product but a prototype to show the intended form, function, and aesthetics.

The process starts with a hand-drawn sketch, develops it into a miniature cardboard prototype, and then performs computerized 3D modeling. After the CAD is completed, the design is 3D printed and painted. (Via)

3d printed needle cover


3d printed needle cover

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