World's Most Efficient Air Taxi

The RX eTransporter can carry 1,600 pounds of cargo and can hover in one place for 45 minutes.


RotorX, an Arizona-based prolific maker of two-seater helicopter kits, has introduced the concept for the RX eTransporter, which has been dubbed "the most efficient helicopter in the world."

The design of the most efficient air taxi features four large rotors mounted on the cross-arm, a helicopter-like fuselage large enough to accommodate 6 to 9 adults and small wings on the body and tail.

The wing and rotor will operate together to provide a top speed of 160 mph. At a cruising speed of 140 mph, it will have a range of 200 nautical miles and 1.5 hours of battery life.

The RX eTransporter can carry 1,600 pounds of people or cargo and can hover in one place for 45 minutes because most small rotorcraft can only hover for a few minutes at most.

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The rotor system of RX eTransporter is claimed to be one of the strongest in the industry. The concept air taxi will have more than one motor for each rotor and even if multiple engine failure happens the size of the rotors will allow them to rotate freely against ambient air pressure to achieve a controlled landing.

The company plans to build a prototype transporter in the fall, but it will initially be powered by a gas engine. At the same time, RotorX will test electric engines on its traditional helicopters. Once these two applications have been verified, the electric engine will be installed in the RX transporter.

The RX eTransporter will feature a comfortable charter-style interior, while the payload and enhanced hovering capabilities will make the new aircraft particularly suitable for cargo and other activities (including search and rescue). RX plans to certify eTransporter air taxi in 2024. (Via)


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