Induction Stovetop for Visually Impaired Community

Ugo induction stovetop employs voice commands to assist blind people.

induction stovetop

French industrial designer Dorian Famin created Ugo, a two-part induction stovetop designed to help the blind community simplify kitchen work.

The portable design includes a tactile dial and an overall ergonomic shape to make it easier for the visually handicapped to operate. The induction stovetop features a thick stove dial at the center, which clicks into place when turned to the right. The size of the stove dial contributes to the stove's ergonomic design by directing the user's touch to the main power supply function.

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The stove also has a wide, easy-to-grip handle for safe handling and to improve the stove's tactile characteristics.

Ugo also narrates step-by-step recipes to users, including the sense of hearing to enhance the experience of blind individuals in the kitchen. This feature lets users interact with the equipment and utensils in their kitchen and begin cooking as Ugo narrates each step.

The clever combination of sensory components makes Ugo easy to use without losing its refined personality. (Via)

induction stovetop


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