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Wooask is an offline translation and bluetooth earbuds.

wooask translation earbuds

Language is the most commonly used communication tool and plays a vital role in establishing interpersonal relationships. Globalization and communication technology have brought the world closer in the global village, but language barriers still exist. With Wooask Translator Earbuds, you will always transcend language barriers.

Wooask Translator Earbuds provides an innovative solution that uses one app in two earbuds. You can share them with your partners to translate words in real-time. It provides individuals to have natural conversations with business partners from different nationalities.

Wooask can translate your questions directly through the speaker of your phone, allowing you to properly maintain social distance. Wooask utilizes high-performance dual microphones and noise reduction capabilities to focus on your speech, identify and eliminate unwanted noise, and pick up and enhance your voice even in busy environments.

The earbuds are supported by 4 top translation engines, which can increase the translation accuracy of 71 languages ​​and 56 accents to 97%. You may travel in regions without internet using nine commonly used offline languages that include Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, German, and Arabic.

Wooask connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth 5.0 instantly. It allows you to play your favorite music or easily switch to making phone calls. When you need to translate, simply click on the APP to enter translation mode.

Wooask earbuds are very small and fit almost everyone. The earbud is the size of a penny and weighs barely 5 grams. The ergonomic design of Wooask makes you hardly notice the earbuds. They are also great for those who want to focus on what they are listening to and look stylish when doing so.

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The protection rating of Wooask is IPX4, which means that they can withstand splashes of water from any direction, so you can continue to listen regardless of weather or rain.

Wooask earbuds use the same button battery as Apple Airpods Pro and have a total battery life of 24 hours on the go. A single charge provides up to 5 hours of continuous translation time and an extra 19 hours in the charging case.

You can back the project on Kickstarter.

wooask translation earbuds


wooask translation earbuds

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