Sleek Pocket-Sized Drone

Xenon Drone is perfect for the most rugged adventures.

sleek pocket-sized drone

Industrial designer Kendal Toerner created Xenon Drone, a portable modular drone intended for the most challenging adventures. Xenon is designed for photographers and videographers who need a rugged and portable drone. After Toerner noticed the lack of portable and high-quality drones available on the market, he planned to combine practicality and space.

The Xenon is composed of recyclable plant-based thermoplastics and is divided into three modular components. A magnetic launchpad is installed between the two drone modules. To express the maneuverability and simplicity of xenon, Toerner designed the structure of the drone to be multi-functional, allowing three optional flying and stacking shapes through magnetic connections.

Its unique design allows users to magnetically connect stacked components and arrange Xenon's components into three different flight modes. In addition, when Xenon returns, the magnetic wand can ensure a safe landing.

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Xenon can also be controlled from a smartphone using a flexible joystick controller. In addition to the tactile joystick and pan control, the joystick controller of Xenon can also display the altitude, distance, and speed on the smartphone. Users can also use GPS technology and Bluetooth connectivity to track Xenon, no matter where it lands. (Via)

sleek pocket-sized drone


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