5G Connected Futuristic Traffic Lights

Art. Lebedev Studio designed traffic lights of the future.

Futuristic traffic lights

For the past 100 years, traffic has been controlled by three colored circles: red, yellow, and green. Due to the outdated design of traffic lights, color-blind people may have difficulty distinguishing between red and green and stop and go. To solve the problems of outdated traffic signal design, Moscow-based design firm Art. Lebedev Studio created traffic lights of the future.

Art. Lebedev Studio’s traffic lights have been requested for restrictive testing by two cities in Russia. It condenses three levels of traffic lights into a single digital display that runs a continuous loop of various traffic signals.

When the driver needs to stop, the whole lamp will emit red light and display "X" to remind color-blind drivers. Similarly, when it is safe to continue driving, the screen will turn green and the arrow will indicate full speed forward. When each traffic light starts, a countdown will help the driver determine when it is safe to drive and when it must slow down.

On the back of the futuristic traffic light will be a 5G module, a Wi-Fi adapter, and sensors for measuring temperature, air quality, humidity, and noise levels. This allows making the city "smart" without having to install a lot of different devices on different poles.

Futuristic traffic lights

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