AI-Driven Denim Fitting Virtual Tailor

The Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor helps to find the perfect fitting pair of denim jeans.

AI-powered denim fitting

Choosing a pair of perfectly fitted jeans can be stressful. Blue Delta Jeans Co. and Bold Metrics, an AI body scanning company, have teamed up to solve this problem and launched a virtual fitting experience that can help customers around the world with just a few simple inputs for customers.

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Artificial intelligence body scanning technology can accurately predict the body measurements of 50 individual customers in a completely contactless manner. The two companies jointly created a scalable, direct-to-consumer custom denim model, making on-demand custom manufacturing a reality. Developing a smooth, customized fitting experience around custom denim has significantly enlarged its potential customer base and enhanced the online purchase experience for custom jeans pants. The launch's results have been great for both men and women seeking the perfect pair of jeans.

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