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Vacuum Tube-Like Speaker

Balmuda's new speaker is designed to capture the feel and experience of live music.

Vacuum Tube-Like Speaker

Japanese product design company BALMUDA has launched their first sound system, THE SPEAKER, to experience music anytime, anywhere.

The speaker has a unique structure, which can deliver a three-dimensional clear sound. Furthermore, as mentioned by BALMUDA, the exquisite brilliance synchronized with the music is added, and the intensity of the song is transmitted to the eyes, providing a unique music experience.

The upward structure of the speakers is designed to provide the same music experience everywhere. The sound diffuses upwards, enabling one to enjoy a three-dimensional sound without worrying about the listening position.

The speaker has a one-of-a-kind driver unit that produces a deep sound image that sounds like you're hearing the bass from below, the treble from above, and the human voice from in front of you.

The sound system is in the shape of a vacuum tube made of organic glass and adopts a closed structure. The enclosed air acts like a spring and emits a clear and sharp sound.

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It also features an LED unit that responds to music and emits light like on a live stage. The intricate brightness, including small changes in light color, amount of light, and flashing speed, adds to the rhythm of the song. The LEDs are being synchronized with the music at a precise speed of 0.004 seconds.

The speaker is Bluetooth-enabled and features a 3.5 mm AUX input, and its lithium-ion polymer battery can last around 7 hours. The speaker is now available in Japan from BALMUDA for 35,200 yen (approx. $319).

BALMUDA is a Tokyo-based creative and technology company known for making the most gorgeous household appliances such as toasters, microwave ovens, and electric kettles.

Vacuum Tube-Like Speaker

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