Bamboo Washing Machine for Rural Communities

The Bamboo Flow washing machine uses water flow and pressure from rivers.

Bamboo Flow washing machine

Bamboo Flow is a concept bamboo washing machine powered by water pressure and water flow. The eco-friendly and low-cost yet effective washing appliance is specially designed for people in rural areas to help them equally attain a sustainable and better life.

Bamboo Flow's function is similar to that of a modern top-loading washing appliance, except that it employs the flow and pressure of the river instead of electronics. Water enters the bottom and rotates clockwise or counterclockwise according to the water pressure to effectively clean clothes.

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Bamboo Flow consists of two parts: a washing machine and a bucket, which are made of wood. Communities can share the washing machine, but the bucket belongs to a single or small group of individuals or families.

A set of instructions is included in the box to help you put Bamboo Flow together. Bamboo Flow is designed to work in various water streams and can be used anywhere. This biodegradable product uses environmentally friendly packaging, which can reduce transportation costs.

The amazing sustainable washing appliance is designed by Zhipeng Lu, Youyong Duan, Haoxu Shen, Han Gao of Dalian Minzu University, China. (Via)

Bamboo Flow washing machine

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