Stylish Reusable Face Shield

BLOCC face shield is stylish and ideal for daily use.

stylish face shield

Wearing masks in the community is an effective non-pharmaceutical intervention that can reduce coronavirus spread, especially as a source control strategy to prevent the spread of the virus, and can also be used as a protective measure to reduce the wearer's contact with the infection. In addition to the mandatory use of masks, the WHO has also issued protocols to control the spread of the virus. The protocol also stipulates that you should not touch your face because your hands touch many surfaces that are infected with the virus. However, avoiding touching your face is more difficult than it appears. Touching your face won't be a big deal if today is just like any other day.

BLOCC aims to help to provide a comfortable and simple solution to break the habit of face touching a stylish and reusable face shield. The BLOCC face shield is long-lasting, washable, and reusable. The transparent protective cover is anti-fog and anti-scratch coated, making it ideal for daily use.

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The BLOCC face shield is worn on the ear like spectacles, yet it still gives room for most masks and even for N95 respirators. BLOCC may be used easily even if you wear glasses. The stylish design makes it suitable for daily use, and you can also use it as a windshield while riding.

BLOCC face shields can be purchased directly from the official site for special offers.

stylish face shield


stylish face shield

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