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Pouchless Boxer for Men

The new men's pouchless boxer from Boxerkilt is the world's first.

pouchless boxer

Boxerkilt has introduced a new line of men's underwear meant to challenge established style because men's underwear hasn't progressed since John Varvatos invented briefs while working for Calvin Klein in the 1990s.

The new style, inspired by the traditional Scottish kilt, combines the benefits of snug-fitting boxer briefs with the health benefits of going commando.

The pouchless undergarment is made of dense 190GSM "Coolwick" fabric, which is composed of a 50/50 bamboo-cotton blend fabric that provides incredibly comfortable and durable garments that can effectively absorb moisture and wick away perspiration.

It features a soft edgeless opening that allows male members and testicles to maintain a completely natural position and temperature. (Via)

pouchless boxer

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