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Community Bamboo Building

The Casamia community's bamboo structure is built to endure harsh weather.

bamboo building

The recently completed Casamia community house by VTN Architects is the latest demonstration of the company's ability to use bamboo as a building material. The structure is durable and weather-resistant. Its elaborately arched ceiling may reach more than 9 m, or roughly 29 ft, in height, and its structure is inspired by the surrounding landscape.

'Casamia Community House' aims to serve as the community center of the area, and its design is inspired by the palm trees of Nipa and pays homage to the local fauna.

The structure of the building consists of 22 bamboo columns, topped by a traditional thatched roof, creating high ceilings and airy space. The interior of the building is 1,600 square meters, most of which is occupied by a large open area with seating.

A gym, a storage space, a medical area, a restroom, and a kitchen are also available in the community house. There is also a swimming pool outside. Glass doors open up the building to the outside, allowing it to be naturally cooled, however, ceiling fans are also installed.

Although the thatched roof requires maintenance regularly, VTN Architects claimed that the structure is built to last, and can withstand storms and other harsh weather.

Bamboo's fibers are extremely strong, making it an excellent construction material. It has double the compressive strength of concrete and tensile strength comparable to steel. Its fiber has higher shear stress than wood.

'Casamia Community House' truly proves the practicality and beauty of bamboo as a building material. (Via)

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bamboo building


bamboo building

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