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Luxury Land Superyacht

The ultra-luxurious superyacht on wheels is equipped with an onboard garage for your Ferrari.

world's first land superyacht

Dembell, a new German company, has created the world's first 'land superyacht,' replete with hardwood flooring, Miele equipment, and space for a Ferrari.

The Dembell motorhome uses a three-axle Mercedes chassis with three expandable modules and provides conveniences that can only be found in superyachts. The motorhome's posh interiors were designed by Azimut Yachts.

The oven, dishwasher, microwave, and 60-gallon refrigerator are all from Miele and the luxury motorhome is also equipped with Bose's home theater system. The eco-friendly motorhome also features solar panels on the roof, a 270-gallon freshwater tank, and an onboard generator.

Translucent glass doors separate the different rooms in the motorhome. With the help of a slide-out expansion module, the master suite can be easily expanded beyond the "full-beam" width and is equipped with a 79 x 79-inch bed and a 55 inch TV.

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Leather sofa interiors, director-style folding dining chairs, wall lamps, ambient lighting, and smart metal finishes enhance the decorative effect.

The floor of the land superyacht is flat from front to back, providing a 2 meters ceiling height. The living room adopts slide-out modules, which can comfortably expand the internal space.

The front cabin features captain's seats for the driver and three passengers, with spring suspension and massage functions. The air-conditioned driver's cab also includes a queen bed that can be raised and lowered.

The main feature of the luxury land yacht is its tender garage, which can house a sports coupe measuring 177 inches or smaller. Dembell selected Ferrari California as the source of inspiration for the garage.

The luxury motorhome will make its public debut at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon on August 27.

The price of the luxury motorhome has not been revealed, but Luxury Launches believes it will be around $2 million.

world's first land superyacht

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