Give Away Pizza Menus

Dominos is giving away $50 million worth of free pizza menus to selected customers.

free pizza menu

Customers may be surprised to learn that when they purchase from some food delivery apps, they may be charged unexpected fees, even if all they want is for food to be delivered at a premium price.

Domino's is giving out $50 million in free meals to randomly picked consumers across the United States, posing a direct challenge to delivery apps.

Domino's is randomly selecting consumers from all over the United States and announced that they will receive free menu items when purchasing meals online from now until November 21, 2021.

The Surprise Free menu includes mouth-watering delicacies such as hand tossed pizza, boneless chicken, handmade flat-bottomed pizza, stuffed cheese bread, crispy thin crust pizza and chocolate lava crunch cake.

Each randomly selected Surprise Free client will be notified via their order confirmation page and order confirmation email. The Domino’s store will also put Surprise Frees stickers on the boxes of free menu items. The food chain also encourages customers to celebrate and share their Surprise Frees news by using #FreesNotFees on social media. (via)

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