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Handcrafted Wooden Electric Bicycle

Electraply Wooden E-Bike is a one-of-a-kind electric bicycle with a sustainable design.

Electraply Wooden electric bicycle

Electric bicycles are expected to play a key role in the transition to low-carbon travel in many countries. Electric bicycles enable riders to overcome some of the obstacles of traditional cycling, such as distance, slope, and physical strength. Electraply wooden electric bicycle is also designed to provide urban commuters with an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Woodworking Evie Bee's "Electraply Wooden E-Bike" is a unique vehicle inspired by old scrambled motorcycles. It combines its unique appearance with sustainable wood design and adopts modern manufacturing methods with traditional construction techniques.

The wooden electric bikes' body is made of poplar ply and birch ply, and together they form a highly complex interweaving pattern.

Although all parts of the bicycle are handcrafted, the design is made using 3D computer graphics software. The frame is processed on a CNC machine after software processing, while the stainless steel parts are produced using a powerful plasma cutting machine.

The bicycle is powered by a 26" smart front-wheel motor and a 36v 12.5ah battery from Yose power. It has a top speed of 28mph and an average driving range of 22 miles.

Electraply Wooden electric bicycle



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