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Realistic Tattoo Filters

Jeferson Araujo's new Instagram filter is hyperrealistic.

hyper-realistic tattoo filters

Camera filters have been around for a while but they have never really been able to make the tattoos augmented onto a person's face look realistic. Jeferson Araujo is a famous filter creator and his surrealist art has won him a large number of followers all over the world. "Rampage" is an ultra-realistic filter designed by Araujo, which uses the skin segmentation technology developed by Facebook Reality Labs to project tattoos onto the user's skin. This technology can detect the difference between clothes, hair, and skin so that the tattoo filter can be seamlessly integrated.

Araujo's filter is based on the work of well-known artist Lloyd Stratton. Floral arrangements and stylized butterflies are some of the patterns, and there are more traditional elements such as skulls and knots. Since its launch, the filter has been used more than 100 million times. Madonna, Stella McCartney, and a host of other celebrities have used his work over the years.

Users can access the filter by visiting Araujo’s profile, selecting his “tattoo” highlights, and clicking “try rampage” at the bottom of the screen. The in-app camera will be turned on, allowing users to take photos or videos and superimpose digital inks on their skin. (Via)

hyper-realistic tattoo filters


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