Marvel’s First Official NFT

Marvel's first official NFT Spider-Man collection is available in five different poses.

superhero NFT

Marvel has entered the blockchain-based collectibles by releasing the first Spider-Man NFT collection.

In June, the entertainment giant announced its entry into NFT, promising to launch digital comic books and more, all of which are available through the VeVe digital market.

The collection will include five different versions of Spider-Man in five unique poses, ranging from "ordinary" collections for 32,000 buyers to only 1,000 "secret rare" works.

Although Spider-Man is leading the trend, more Marvel non-fungible token content will be available during August because VeVe calls it "Marvel Month." which will include a series of Captain America NFT collectibles.

There will also be five distinct non-fungible token copies of "Marvel Comics #1," the organization's inaugural comic book from 1939, which featured the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has made its debut on the VeVe online store, with the "normal" version priced at $40, and the "Secret Rare" animated version at up to $400.

Superhero NFT

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