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Electric Car for Young Drivers

Opel Rocks-e is an entry-level electric car specially designed for young drivers.

Electric Car for Young Drivers

When a person reaches the minimum driving age, he or she can legally drive a motor vehicle on a public highway. In most cases, the minimum driving age is fixed at 18 years old.

In Germany, the legal driving age is also 18 years. If you are under this age, you are not allowed to drive, even if the legal driving age in your country is lower. However, teenagers over the age of 15 can drive Opel Rocks-e in Germany if they hold an AM driving license.

Opel Rocks-e is an entry-level electric car for young drivers. Rocks-e's design represents an affordable sustainable urban mobility (SUM) vehicle suitable for young beginners to urban commuters.

The compact electric car weighs only 471kg, is 2.41m long and 1.39m wide, and requires only a small space in the town.

Opel Rocks-e can be fully charged in 3.5 hours using an ordinary household socket.

The 5.5 kWh battery has a range of up to 75 kilometers and a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Rocks-e includes a 3m charging cable that is fixed in the car and can be accessed through the passenger door.

The cockpit is designed in a simple and basic way, attracting today's young generation. Young drivers can also obtain information about battery power, speed, driving mode (forward/reverse), and remaining mileage and mileage of the vehicle through the display in the cockpit. In addition, it has a smartphone holder on the center console, and the myOpel app provides more information.

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Opel Rocks-e is a powerful car not only for young drivers but also for everyone.

Electric Car for Young Drivers

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